Thursday, 2 June 2011

Spongebob Squigglepants 3D Review: The Craziest 3DS Game Yet!

It's Spongebob in a whole new perspective. This zany offering from the braniacs at THQ sees gamers compete in over 100 Spongebob related mini-games.

Players must use the 3DS stylus to flick, draw, drag and tap their way through various tasks. This game also uses the gyroscopic sensors of the Nintendo 3DS, so some games even require you to shake or tilt the console as well.

Players must successfully complete a chain of twenty consecutive games in each of the six mini-game catergories in order to unlock the next group. The mini-games vary from catching a hamburger in your hand, or helping a Plankton to escape a fly-swatter; to stopping a rock from crushing Sqidward.

All the games are introduced via a group of stunning live-action (but non-3D) videos by Captain Patchy. These videos can then be unlocked and replayed at a later date.

The 3D graphics are stunning in most of the mini-games, but unfortunately the effect does seem lost in certain sections such as the 'Abstract' collection of mini-games. Worst still, this game also contains some 2D games, which seems like a big waste on the 3DS system.

One of our favourite sections of the game is the Art Studio. This allows players to draw or paint their own scenes, or use character stamps to create a scene. There is also a digital colouring book for younger gamers.

Unfortunately, although the Art Studio control pad is shown in 3D, the pictures are always displayed on the 3DS touch-screen, which means that they can only be viewed in 2D. Furthermore, there is only space to save a single picture on the 3DS console, so if you create new artwork, you will lose your previous creations, which is a tad disappointing.

This is an interesting title, and quite possibly the most creative 3DS game to date. The 3D mini-games look fantastic. However, the game still contains a lot of 2D elements, which does seem to sour the experience a little.

 This game is unlikely to appeal to hardcore gamers, but it will appeal to both Spongebob and Rhythm Paradise fans alike. The mini-games will definitely help to fill in a spare five minutes at the office or on the bus, and the colouring elements will appeal to younger gamers. It would have been nicer to see a greater use of 3D in the 3DS version though, but the use of the gyroscopic sensor is a very good feature.  Overall rating: 7/10.

Spongebob Squigglepants is also available on the Nintendo Wii (uDraw) and Nintendo DS/DSi Systems.

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