Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Nintendo 3DS eShop: Is 'The Green Lantern' 3D Trailer A Sign That 3D Movies Are Coming To The 3DS?

When Nintendo  first showcased the new 3DS console back in January this year, they mentioned the fact that the new console was capable of showing 3D TV programmes and films, which could be downloaded using the 3DS SpotPass feature.

Amongst the television production companies said to be involved at that time were Eurosport, Sky TV 3D and Aardman Animations, who would apparently be responsible for producing a set of exclusive fifteen-minute  short films in full 3D, starring Children's TV favourite, Shaun the Sheep.

 Several Hollywood movie studios were also said to be partenering with Nintendo in order to stream 3D movies onto the console. A trailer for a 3D version of Disney's Tangled was shown during the Nintendo Press Conference in January as an example of this.

However, nothing further has really been mentioned about the possibility of using the Nintendo 3DS to stream TV programmes and films since that time.

Now, however, a trailer for the new Warner Bros film,  The Green Lantern, (which is set to debut in cinemas across the UK on friday) has recently appeared in the Nintendo 3DS eShop.

The trailer looks incredible when viewed in full-3D on the Nintendo 3DS and certainly gives a good indication of the kind of quality gamers could expect from 3D films that might be shown on the console in the future.

Nintendo is currently said to be in negotiation with an American firm called Netflix - the company which allows films to be streamed onto the Nintendo Wii console. The idea is that the Netflix company will stream 3D films directly onto the 3DS console via the newly-launched Nintendo eShop.

The NetFlix film service is expected to be available from July/August 2011 in North America, but as Netflix is largely unsupported outside of the USA, it is likely that another similar service, such as LoveFilm, will have to be used in other countries.

However, we should also point out that, as yet, there have been no dates given at all for the commencement of any such equivalent film-streaming service for the 3DS in the UK or the rest of Europe.

Thus it looks like gamers in the UK have a little while longer to wait yet until we can actually enjoy films on the 3DS. Until then, we can expect to see more 3D film trailers in the near future.

If you haven't seen the 3DS version of The Green Lantern trailer for yourself yet, it is well worth a look. It can be downloaded for FREE from the Nintendo eShop now.

Please note that Nintendo eShop content is currently updated every Thursday, and therefore items in the eShop may subsequently be added or removed at this time.

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