Sunday, 19 June 2011

Japanese Gamers To Get TV Programmes On Their Nintendo 3DS...

Japanese Gamers are to receive a specially streamed television service directly onto their 3DS consoles from Tuesday.

According to gaming website andriasaang Japanese 3DS gamers will receive exclusive access to both Fuji and Nippon television services, including Sport and Sumo Wrestling, News and Information and even Animal Care or Wildlife programmes all in  full-3D.

The 3DS Television Streaming capability will become available via a downloadable application, which is called Itsu no Ma ni Terebi in Japan.

The 3D Television App

It is unclear whether this is a totally pay-per-view TV streaming service or whether some programmes might actually be free to download, but we do know that there are plans to have some of the programmes available for daily download via SpotPass.

A sample of 3DS Programmes on offer

The announcement has once again sparked interest from European gamers who are wondering whether they might also receive a similar service in the near future. The recent Green Lantern 3D Trailer has raised questions about whether a film service may actually be made available at some point as well.

Programmes will be available via SpotPass
However, although Nintendo has admitted that they have been working with companies such as EurosportSky TV and NetFlix to bring these kinds of services to the European 3DS market, no actual dates have been given for the commencement of any type of television services yet.

Mini Gamers is excited by the prospect of 3D television and films on our 3DS consoles, but we realise that it could be a very long wait yet. Keep checking in with the Mini Gamers blog for more information on this subject as it arrives.

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