Monday, 27 June 2011

No 3DS games in the eShop: Why the Nintendo 3DS Shop Will Never Beat The PSN Store...

It is now almost three weeks since Nintendo launched their new eShop service, and a lot of gamers out there are all wondering the same thing: Why are the games on offer all retro Nintendo titles? Why can't I download new Nintendo 3DS games from the eShop as well?

These are two very valid questions, and as yet, there has been no satisfactory answer as to why the actual 3DS games that you can find in the shops are not available to purchase from the eShop as well, but this could be one of the core reasons why the new eShop has not proven to be very popular amongst 3DS fans so far.

Instead of offering a few good 3D games to play and download, the eShop tends to be filled with several 2D retro Gameboy and DSiware titles, which is fine for those gamers who want to play them, but has left several other 3DS users feeling disappointed recently.

A sample of the only 3D game on offer in the eShop at the moment

Don't get us wrong, the Nintendo 3DS eShop is very useful when one is planning which Nintendo 3DS title to buy next. The 'Coming Soon to Shops' section, provides details of several up and coming titles as well as video trailers, which are displayed in full-3D, so that you can really tell how the games will actually look on your 3DS console.

The 'Now in Shops' section is also useful for keeping track of new 3DS game releases as well, as it lists several new titles along with customer reviews, trailers and information, which is very good.

Retro 2D games feature heavily in the eShop

However, it could be said that the 3DS eShop is still lacking in several ways. Nintendo's rival, the Playstation Network Store offers a whole range of new games for its various Playstation consoles, including its PSP handhelds. These games are purchasable and are instantly downloaded onto the console's special Memory Stick.

Frogger would look so much better in 3D, but alas, 2D only...

The Nintendo 3DS has a removable SD card for data and game storage, so it would not be too difficult for Nintendo to offer its own type of 3DS game download service if it wanted to. This would save gamers having to pre-order new games, and would add real value to the 3DS eShop.

Furthermore, Sony's Playstation Network Store also offers its own video rental and download service, so that gamers can get the latest films straight onto their consoles.

Nintendo has recently begun a 3DS TV streaming service in Japan, and has suggested that this type of service might eventually become available throughout Europe via a company called NetFlix, but with no commencement date in place, it seems like this could be a long way off in the future.

So will we ever get 3DS games in the eShop? Nintendo has mentioned that they will be adding playable demos alongside video trailers but they did not say whether they would ever consider adding purchasable 3DS downloads to the eShop.


Would you like to see downloadable 3DS game titles in the Nintendo eShop, or do you think that the Nintendo eShop is okay just the way it is? What other services do you think Nintendo should provide in the 3DS eShop?

Please feel free to leave us a comment, and let us know your thoughts on this subject. We'd love to hear your opinions.


  1. I've never heard anyone complaining about this up to now although I'm active on many forums. It was never announced that we can download full retail games. The file size would be very big too and I even don't want to imagine how many hours (days?) it would download one game.

    The people only want more new eShop exclusive titles like the Pokédex 3D and the upcoming Megaman Legends 3: Prototype. I'm waiting for this too.

    I personally would never purchase full games as an online download. They are mostly more expensive than the version that comes with an instruction booklet and a case that you can put on your shelf.

  2. Thank you for your comment Kralle777,

    There have been several users on the Mini Gamers blogsite who have been looking for information about this subject and asking whether full 3DS games will become a feature of the eShop and whether there would be films available too, which is why we decided to write this post.

    Mini Gamers agrees that the size of game downloads on a system like the 3DS may mean that games would take a long time to download, but the Sony PSP seems to manage downloads of games within a few minutes and full films within an hour, and for cheaper than the retail price in most cases.

    That said, we don't expect the 3DS to become a new PSP, it is just a shame that the 3DS with its new enhanced memory capabilities hasn't considered full 3DS game downloads as an option.

    However, we respect your opinion and we also realise that there will be many gamers who share your opinion that a bought game with an instruction booklet and a nice-looking case is worth more than a downloaded version.

    Nevertheless, we think it would be nice for gamers to have the choice to download 3DS game titles if they wish to, that's all.

  3. I am an avid fanboy of each handheld system, but it is definitely a skewed and bias view to try and say that the PSP shop offers enough full games. I have wanted to play so many games that are only available for physical purchase for my psp. But anyway, The 3ds has much faster and better functioning internet than the psp, or the pspgo (based on side by side comparison. I agree the option to buy your games online for download is good that if this option arose the 3ds would only solidify nintendo's dominance in the handheld field. I love my psp for retro gaming, but there really aren't enough new games for full download. With that said both systems would be on a level playing field if 3ds didn't offer 3d content and the streaming of Netflix by the end of the summer(US).

  4. Thank you, Joe. Our reference to the range of games offered by the Sony playstation store also included the PSP minis, which we at Mini Gamers have quite enjoyed over the past year as well as full PSP titles, but we agree that the store does not offer some of the PSP games available in shops for download in the PSN store...

    Our main gripe here is the fact that while Sony is at least offering a lot of good downloadable software and applications(including its retro/minis titles.

    The 3DS store does not contain ANY full 3DS titles at all, and only contains one actual 3D game at all so far - "3D Classics Excitebike", which is okay, but tends to pale against the numerous 2D Gameboy and DSiWare titles on offer at the moment, which don't really take full advantage of the 3DS' amazing graphical capabilities...

    We totally agree with you that the 3DS has faster functionality than the PSP, which is why we are surprised that the 3DS isn't offering any full 3DS titles for download at the moment.

    It would definitely, as you rightly point out, put Nintendo highly above its handheld rival if they did offer this opportunity.

    However, we are looking forward to the Netflix streaming service, as we feel that this will be one way for the 3DS eShop to really become something of interest.

  5. hi there your right more 3ds game titles netflix 3d tv service and add a 3d youtube app for 3ds soo 3d videos on youtube can be played as well and add pandora radio app as well nintendo is too focus on 2d classic games thats a wast having a very power ful game console for lowest power games

  6. Hello! We think your suggestion of a 3DS 3D-YouTube app is fantastic! Youtube is a very popular service on its own, and if the 3DS video trailers etc that it displays could be viewed and downloaded on the 3DS, then it would make the console something truly unique,and this is definitely something that Nintendo should consider for the future. Thank you for your comment.

  7. wow! i thought i was the only one bothering the lack of service that nintendo eshop is offering, and come on, days downloading a game?? u can download a ps3 and xbox 360 game like in 3 to 4 hrs and the file size its way much bigger than a 3ds game. i would love to have the option to purchase and download some 3ds games via eshop just because it would much easier to have all my games in one memory rather than taking a lot of card games all the time

  8. Hi. Thank you for your comment.

    No, you are definitely not alone in this issue, although Mini Gamers has also been surprised that this has not been discussed more in other forums and websites so far.

    At least Nintendo have now launched the Video Service, which does make the console a lot more entertaining and interesting, but it somehow still doesn't make up for the lack of actual 3DS games in the eShop.

    We also share your sentiments about having all the games on one memory card as well. The 3DS comes with a removable SD card, so this should be possible. Why hasn't Nintendo done something about it yet? What does everyone else think?

  9. yes, they need to have 3DS games. some people may not have time to go to game stores and buy it themselves personally, so it would be better if it was downloadable.

  10. Hello Anonymous, glad you agree. Thanks for your comment!

  11. How long do you thing it will talk untill they put demos in the Nintendo 3DS éshop?

  12. Hi Anonymous, Iwata [Nintendo President] announced the possibility of eshop playable demos on the 28th October 2011, but they have not yet stated when these demos will be available for use in the eshop.

    It seems as though it may just be a case of 'wait and see'. Thank you for your comment.