Thursday, 16 June 2011

New System Update Solves Charging Light Problem For Nintendo 3DS

For the last nine days or so, many European 3DS owners have been struggling with a bizzare problem: The 3DS charging light indicator, (which glows orange when the console is first placed on charge,) now refused to turn off, which meant that many 3DS fans did not know whether the system had reached its full charge or not - some people were forced to leave their consoles on charge for over a day before realising that the console had already reached its maximum charge, and many other 3DS users feared that prolonged charging could damage the battery pack.

For those of you who have been affected by this issue, we can reveal that the charging light indicator problem is actually a minor problem caused by the introduction of the Nintendo eShop and Internet Browser in the last Systems Update, but it made many 3DS users understandably very worried.

 Various 3DS forums have been awash with concerns and complaints since the problem began, from 3DS users, who have all tried different and inventive ways to combat the problem, including removing and then replacing the 3DS battery pack in order to get the charging indicator to turn off. Others simply contacted Nintendo and were told to return their consoles for testing and repair.

Thankfully though, Nintendo has today released a second Systems update, which does seem to have solved the charging light problem. Good on you, Nintendo! It is so far unclear whether this Systems Update will also fix the Ridge Racer 3D compatability issues mentioned by Nintendo on the 7th of June 2011, but at least it will now put thousands of minds at ease about whether the Nintendo 3DS is actually charging correctly.

If you are a new 3DS user and are unsure of how to download the latest update, simply go to Settings, select System Update and then follow the onscreen instructions.  Happy Gaming!

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