Tuesday, 31 May 2011

PSN Store and Quriocity Services Back By Friday?

It has been a long and frustrating few months for owners of Sony's PSP consoles in the wake of the malicious security breach which meant the closure of all major Playstation online services, but Sony are now insisting that full Playstation Network Store and Quriocity services will be restored by the end of the week.

Sony has already provided a special System Update (version 6.39), which means that all existing PSN and Quriocity customers will be forced to update their passwords and confirm their credit card details before being allowed back into the online store and other services.

This is just one of a number of new security measures which has been implemented since the cyber attack, which is thought to have placed 77 million Playstation users' personal information at risk, and cost Sony almost £105 million in revenue.

Sony also promises that it will be providing a full Welcome Back package to all of its existing users in the near future. The package has now been unveiled and will attempt to offer 'something for everyone', including:
  • A selection of free  movie rentals for all PlayStation Network customers over the course of one weekend.
  • Non-PlayStation Plus subscribers will get a free, 30-day PlayStation Plus membership.
  • Existing PlayStation Plus members will get 30 extra days free.
  • Music Unlimited Premium/Basic subscribers will get free access for 30 days, plus time lost.
  • PlayStation Home will offer 100 virtual items.

Mini Gamers is very pleased to hear that Sony's digital store will soon be open for business, however, the cyber attack and the delay in restoring its services may have caused untold damage to Sony's reputation and any profits that the company  might generate in the future. Only time will tell whether Sony will be able to fully recover from this unforeseen turn of events.

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