Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Nintendo 3DS: Flying High With Pilotwings Resort

Pilotwings Resort is a three-dimensional flying simulation game for the Nintendo 3DS. Players have a choice of three vehicles - Hang Glider, Sea Plane and Rocket Belt and several different missions to take part in.

Players can start of as Novices and can take part in basic flying missions such as flying through a set of rings, taking part in DogFights or landing in the centre of a specific Landing Pad.  Points are given for speed, accuracy of flying or landing and fuel efficiency. Players must amass a certain amount of points in order to pass that level.

The best thing about Pilotwings Resort is the ability to use your own Miis from the Mii maker. You can also use Miis that have been gained via QR Codes as well. The cartoon-style graphics of the game will be instantly recognisable to anyone who has played Wii Sports Resort on the Nintendo Wii.

The missions get gradually more difficult as players progress through the game. There are five mission classes, which range from Novice to Platinum.  Players can also choose to fly in Free Mode instead, which is a good way to get used to the controls of each aircraft in turn.

 This game is fantastic. The 3D graphics really enhance the flying experience. There are a few easy tutorial in the Novice level to help players get familiar with the in-game controls more quickly. If you have ever dreamt of soaring amongst the clouds, or if you just want a friendly, simple little game to enjoy in your freetime, then this is the perfect game for you. Overall rating: 10/10.

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