Saturday, 14 May 2011

PSN and Quriocity Outage Could Continue Until The End Of May...

Sony's Playstation Network and Quriocity services continue to be unavailable for yet another week, and it looks as though the services will not return until the end of May at the earliest.

Mini Gamers first reported on the Playstation Network Outage in April of this year. At that time, Sony was confident that it would have both services up and running within a week. However, subsequent information leaks and fears of a second intrusion have meant that the "Phased Restoration of service" that Sony was planning, has so far not taken place.

Sony has suggested that they will be offering a so-called 'Welcome Back' package to all its customers, including the possibility of two free game downloads or music downloads and a thirty-day free membership into the Playstation Plus account amongst other things, but with Playstation gamers growing ever more impatient, it looks as though it may already be too little, too late where Sony is concerned.

Gaming website GamesIndustryBiz recently reported that there had been a higher trade-ins for Sony consoles, including the PS3 in the wake of the Playstation Network outage. This is a trend which could spell disaster for the Sony gaming franchise should it continue.

Sony's Head of Publisher Relations, Rob Dyer, recently wrote a letter to the company's developers and publishers in which he described the steps that Sony had taken immediately after the attack and how the company intended to get its services back online. The full contents of the letter can be read by clicking HERE.

At the time of this blog post, there is still no clear date when either the Playstation Network or Quriocity services shall return, but the longer that the outage lasts, the greater the overall damage done to Sony's reputation. Could this be the end for Sony as we know it?

What do you think of the current outage? Do you think that Sony have taken responsible measures by shutting down its services immediately after the breach? Have you lost interest in Sony products in the wake of the PSN outage?

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