Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Nintendo 3DS Launch Titles That You May Not Have Heard About Yet...

A lot has been published in the initial few months of the 3DS' European launch about the type of software titles that gamers could expect to see throughout the console's apparent 'Launch Window' in 2011, which included popular franchises such as Pilotwings Resort, Steel DiverSuper Street Fighter 1V and Dead or Alive: Dimensions, amongst others.

However, Mini Gamers has discovered some other popular titles which are set to debut on Nintendo's newest handheld, which we were pleasantly surprised about. This is our selection of the type of games that should be appearing on our consoles some time later in the year.


Yes, it seems as though our two favourite rival game characters are set to join forces once again. This time they will be competing in Olympic-style events in glorious 3D.

Very little is known about the game so far, but we do know that The game is officially licensed by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) through its exclusive licensee International Sports Multimedia.

As with the previous Mario and Sonic Olympic game titles, this game will allow players to choose from one of several Mario or Sonic The Hedgehog characters in order to compete in various Olympic tasks. The 3DS version of this game is set to have over fifty separate sporting events.

The mini-game Olympic events are based on the standard Summer Olympic Events, and are therefore expected to include Aquatics, Athletics and Table Tennis, Archery and other regular sporting events. 

There is also rumours of other special events such as Equestrian (Horse Riding) and Football, but these have yet to be confirmed for inclusion on the 3DS.

The official release date for this game has been initially set for the 6th January 2012, but as you know, release dates can change many times before the game actually hits the shop shelves. Watch this Space!


This game has been developed by Funbox Media for both the Nintendo DS and 3DS systems. Players can choose to complete the Career's Mode and play as Darts player, Phil Taylor, or compete in Freestyle Darts competitions.

Ten different Pub Darts games have been included in the game, including: the more traditional countdown-style dart games such as 701, 501, 301, Around the ClockGolf and Warfare.

There is also a Free Carnival Mode for extra fun, whereby players can try to aim at everything from Balloons to Rubber Ducks.

Furthermore, there is a Multiplayer Mode which can reportedly be played by passing one single DS or 3DS system around different players.

There has not been an official release date for the 3DS version yet, but the DS version is scheduled for release in August 2011, and it is thought that the 3DS will be released at around the same time. Keep checking in with Mini Gamers for more information about this game as it develops.


Spongebob is back in his first ever 3D adventure. Based on a game from the Wii's uDraw Game Tablet, this 3DS title features 100 mini-games (also called 'nanogames') in which players must  draw, tilt, tap, drag, press and flick through six zany SpongeBob worlds.

Unleash your creativity in full-3D as you create, color and draw anything imaginable with custom paints, palettes, stamps and art tools.

Featuring never-before-seen artwork from the Nickelodeon vault, this game is a sure to appeal to any Spongebob fan. Spongebob Squigglepants 3D should be available to buy from the 27th of May 2011.

So there you have it, three brand new 3DS games which should be making their way onto our consoles some time soon.  Keep checking in with Mini Gamers blogsite for future details on these 3DS games and more...

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