Tuesday, 24 May 2011

PSN and Quriocity Services v. 6.39 System Update...Is Sony Back?

Sony have today released a new System Update (version 6.39) to their PSP customers, in light of the devastating hack that is expected to cost the company almost £105.8 million pounds in revenue.

The new update forces existing PSN and Quriocity customers to change their password and re-confirm their credit card details before being allowed  back onto Sony's online services. It is all part of the enhanced security features that Sony had promised its customers, in order to ensure that an attack of this magnitude cannot happen again.

However, despite the fact that the update has now become available to all of Sony's PSP and PS3 customers, the PSN store and Quriocity services remain offline, meaning even more frustration for Playstation customers.

Reliable sources within the gaming community have claimed that all of Sony's online gaming and music services should be restored by the 31st of May 2011 at the latest. Nevertheless, Sony has remained guarded about when the PSN store and Quriocity services will be available again.

So, it looks like PSN and Quriocity users will have to remain patient for at least another week. However, the question is, will customers still feel safe about using the service after all this time, and is Sony's intended 'Welcome Back' Package enough to make up for the weeks of frustration that gamers have been forced to endure?

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