Sunday, 12 December 2010

Gaming Gadgets We Wish We Could Add To Our Christmas Lists...

Yes, it is that time of year again when many people are busy wrapping up presents and putting up the fairy lights, so we at Mini Gamers thought we would do something a little bit different and think about the handheld gaming gadgets that we would love to put on our Christmas lists for 2010, but which sadly will not be available until some time next year at the earliest... This is our shortlist:


 The Nintendo 3DS is set to revolutionize handheld gaming between the end of February in Japan and by March 2011 in Europe, by making it possible for people to experience 3D gaming without the need for specially-designed glasses.

The technology works through a process called  autostereoscopy which uses twin motion-tracking cameras to create the 3D effect rather than via coloured lenses worn over the eyes (Stereoscopy). This process has also recently been used in some cinemas and it means that the colour and quality of the graphics will be unaffected.

 The actual cost of the Nintendo 3DS is yet unknown, but it is set to retail in Japan for 25,000 Yen, which equates to £192 in English money.

This makes the 3DS the most expensive Nintendo handheld to date, but when you consider that it also features a 3.5-inch widescreen LCD display with a 3D depth slider control on the side of the system, allowing players to choose exactly how much of the 3D effect they want, and two camera lenses on the outside of the system so that users can take pictures and view them in 3D, then the heavy price tag becomes much more justified.

The 3DS is said to be completely backwards compatible with the earlier Nintendo DS and DSi systems and also features Automatic Wi-Fi Detection which means that the console will actually search for Wireless hotspots and online opponents even if it is in 'Sleep Mode'.

An exclusive website about the 3DS has just been launched. To access the website please click here. For an exclusive sneak-peak of the 3DS' graphics and gameplay capabilities, please click here.


Rumours about the possibility of a new Smartphone with integrated PSP technology have been circulating for months now, and it has to be said that Sony is still being very tight-lipped about whether such a device is actually in development. Nevertheless, Sony Ericsson have recently indicated that a new Xperia phone might indeed be based on PSP gaming technology.

Current rumours also contain specifications for the new phone, which is said to feature a standard PSP control pad, with square, triangle, circle and cross buttons etc,and a new multi-touch trackpad instead of the traditional analogue stick.

The phone apparently uses the Android operating system,  The settings menu themes however matches those in the PSP system. on the back of the PSP Phone there is rumoured to be a megapixel camera with an LED flash and a second lens on the front of the phone which might be used for video calls, although this has not been properly confirmed yet.

It is difficult to tell whether this phone is even in development at the moment, so a late 2011 release date is likely but not yet confirmed. Nevertheless, we still think that this phone would make an excellent gaming Christmas gift regardless!


Panasonic first announced that a portable MMO device was currently in development earlier this year. The Panasonic Jungle features a QWERTY keyboard and will allow gamers to play whilst on the move. Public testing of the device has reportedly already started on the Panasonic Jungle gaming device in the US and it has so far received mixed reviews.

There is now a small number of MMO games in development for the Panasonic Jungle including an online Battlestar Galactica game, but details of what they might entail have sadly been very scarce so far. Nevertheless, this is a gadget which MMO gamers would really benefit from.

No release date has been given yet but an exclusive website has been launched which provides all the latest news updates for this intriguing console. To visit the offical Jungle website please click here.

Unfortunately, these gaming gadgets won't be under anyone's Christmas tree this year, but Mini Gamers hopes that all of these devices will be at the top of next year's most wanted Christmas gifts list and we look forward to bringing you further news about all these devices as they develop.

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