Sunday, 19 December 2010

Buzz: Ultimate Music Quiz Delayed Until 2011!

Buzz: The Ultimate Music Quiz is to be delayed until 14 January 2011. The game was supposed to be released on the 17th of December 2010, but, like so many of the new PSP games that we have been promised this year, it has so far failed to reach the shop shelves.

Mini Gamers has reported on several different PSP titles which have been either delayed or cancelled without any apparent reason, including Patapon 3, which was supposed to be released in early November this year, but which for some reason has been further delayed until the 25th of March 2011 now.

The game itself is the tenth game in the Buzz! series, and is essentially a Music Quiz but with all the satirical humour of the rest of the Buzz Games Series. The PS3 version of Buzz: The Ultimate Music Quiz has already been released to the public and it would be nice to see the game appear on the PSP as well.

 Sony's overall decline of sales in Europe and the SCEE's decision to stop PSP Dev Kits earlier this year could explain why so many PSP titles have failed to reach their release date. Nevertheless, it has to be said that so many unexplained delays is both unsettling and annoying to the many gamers who have pre-ordered games only to be disapointed over and over again...

The 14th of January 2011 might only be about 3 weeks away, but the fact that Buzz: The Ultimate Music Quiz has already suffered from two release date delays already this year does not fill us with much confidence. Mini Gamers hopes that this and the other delayed games will soon be on the shop shelves, but at this moment in time, there is just no way to know for sure. Only time will tell.

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