Monday, 2 August 2010

Metal Gear Solid Sneak-Peak Shows Off 3DS Abilities...

Snake meets his enemies in 3D
It has been little over a month since Nintendo's revolutionary new console was unveiled at E3, but already there has been widespread speculation about what games on the 3DS would actually look like and how the 3D effects of the console would be seen without glasses.

Now a sneak-peak video of  the 3DS version of the third Metal Gear Solid game, Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater, could provide the answers.

Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater Trailer

Of course, this video is only a snippet of what 3DS gamers could come to expect in the future, but it is already a good indication of the type of sharp, realistic graphics and 3D environments that are possible with the new console.

Moreover, Metal Gear Solid is not the only 'big name' gaming series to be given the 3D treatment, other game series set to debut on the Nintendo 3DS include The Legend of Zelda, Professor Layton, Animal Crossing, Resident Evil, Assasins' Creed and many, many more.

For those of you who are interested in the aesthetics, (i.e. what the console will actually look like,) three inital colours of 3DS have been announced - black, red and blue.

 It is thought that the red and blue consoles are a clever reference to the red and blue colourings used in the original 3D spectacles, however this might be a coincidence.    

Nintendo have been somewhat reluctant to provide an actual UK release date for the console as yet, but they have hinted that the 3DS will be released in Japan some time between December 2010 and the end of the finacial year in March 2011.

The other major question that fans of Nintendo have been asking is how much will the console cost when it is  first released to the public? Although there is no definite answer to this, Nintendo have recently indicated that the new console may cost under £200 to buy.  

In an interview with Electric Pig, Nintendo's Marketing Manager, James Honeywell, stated that: "The DSi is around £129.99, the DSi XL is around £159.99, so obviously it [the Nintendo 3DS] is going to fit somewhere around that kind of architecture..."

This is good news for consumers - many of whom suspected that the use of such impressive technology would carry a hefty price tag.

It might be a long wait until the console finally hits the shelves, but the 3DS already looks set to revolutionise handheld gaming and puts Nintendo squarely ahead of its main competitors.

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  1. Cool I was so happy when Nintendo said that Metal Gear Solid Franchies was comeing to the Nintendo 3DS.

  2. The 3D graphics are really impressive! Roll on March 2011...