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Top 2011 Christmas Gifts For Handheld Gamers: Women

Welcome to our second Christmas 2011 post concerning the Top Christmas Gifts for Handheld Gamers. This time, we will look at our shortlist of the best games and accessories which would suit women gamers.

Top Christmas Gifts For Handheld Gamers: Women


Is your wife, girlfriend, sister or mum a fan of pink? Then this is the perfect time to introduce them to the latest Nintendo handheld, the 3DS. This nifty little gadget is now available in a Coral Pink colour, and comes packed with a whole host of preloaded software, including six AR cards.

Furthermore, if the woman in question loves cute little animals too, this game also comes bundled with Nintendogs + Cats for that extra 'awwwwww' factor.

The console is likely to cost around £149 on its own, or £164.99 for the bundle deal. Go on, start earning those brownie points!
A BMCDigital Carry Case for DS/DSi/3DS

 This storage carry case for the Nintendo Console range makes the perfect female-gamer accessory this Christmas. The bag has enough room to store the charger and the console plus a few games, and also comes complete with a shoulder strap so that gamers can have the option of using it like a shoulder-bag or simply carrying it using the top handle.
This carry case retails for around £8.99 and can be found in online stores such as or in most videogame outlets.

The latest game in the Professor Layton series  makes a brilliant gift for fans of puzzle-adventures. The game's detailed and heartfelt back-story is woven fantastically into the game, and the charming graphics and the simple-to-understand but difficult-to-solve logic puzzles should be enough to keep recipients interested in this game well into the New Year. 
Professor Layton and the Spectre's Call is exclusive to the Nintendo DS/DSi consoles and retails for around £30 and can be found in most videogame stores or online. Hurry though, as this is a very popular game and online stocks may run low in the coming weeks...
The brilliant sequel to Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4 is here! This fantastic and very humorous game sees players take on the role of Harry Potter and other characters from the book and film series, in a zany Lego production which has been lovingly brought to life by the talented TT Games. 
Lego Harry Potter: Years 5-7 is available on ALL handheld consoles to date, including its debut on the Nintendo 3DS, and costs around £35 to buy.
Doctor Lautrec and the Forgotten Knights is a puzzle-adventure game which has been developed exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS.
The game follows a similar format to the Professor Layton series of games (see above), but features a lot more familiar logic puzzles such as Crosswords or Spot-the-difference, which might suit an older female gamer or someone who is new to puzzle-adventures.
The game also features an interesting back-story which is set in nineteenth-century France, and features several fun mini-games as well, which are woven into the game in the form of 'Quests'
For a detailed review of the game, please CLICK HERE.
Doctor Lautrec and the Forgotten Knights is available to buy from most videogame outlets, and usually costs around £35-£40 to buy.
That marks the end of our Top 2011 Christmas Gifts For Handheld Gamers: Women post. We hope you found it interesting, but you can also try the following posts if you are still searching for a bit more inspiration:
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