Saturday, 17 December 2011

Nintendo Launches EuroSport Video Services...

Nintendo have launched a new Eurosport 3D Video service, which can be downloaded for free from the 3DS e-shop. The Eurosport service is completely separate from the Nintendo Video service which launched in July this year, and will focus exclusively on sport.

The new video service allows for Spotpass downloads of  various two or three-minute 3D Sports clips, all provided by the popular WATTS programme. The videos are expected to feature funny sporting outtakes and various 'sporting action' clips, all shown in fantastically clear 3D.

All of the videos can be replayed again and again until they get replaced by new content. However, it is not yet clear whether the videos will be updated on a weekly basis (like some videos in the Nintendo Video section) or in a more sporadic fashion.

Nevertheless, Mini Gamers is certain that the Eurosport video service will make an exciting addition for Sports fans and will no doubt encourage a few more sales of the 3DS handheld console in the Christmas rush.

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