Sunday, 18 December 2011

Doctor Who Game Heading To PC, PS Vita and PS3 in 2012...

Yes, it's true! Everyone's favourite Extra-Terrestrial Doctor will be making his appearance in a new videogame entitled Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock, which is set to debut some time in early 2012.

Very little is known about the game's content at this time, but we do know that the main plot will feature both the Doctor and River Song as they journey together in the TARDIS. The game will be split across multiple time zones, and actions that players choose to take in one time zone will have a direct affect on what happens to events in the other zones.

We also know that the game promises TV-quality graphics, which have been designed using full motion-capture technology, meaning that the characters look very lifelike.

In addition, both Alex Kingston and Matt Smith, (who play the TV versions of River Song and the Doctor,) have been busy adding full voice-overs to the game, so the characters will not only look authentic, but will sound authentic as well.

It could be argued that past attempts to bring Doctor Who into the videogame era haven't always been that successful, with Doctor Who: Top Trumps (most game formats), Doctor Who: Evacuation Earth (Nintendo DS), and Doctor Who: Return to Earth (Wii) seemingly failing to strike a chord with the majority of their intended audiences.

So will Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock finally turn out to be the videogame that everyone is waiting for? Well, when you consider that the game is being produced by SuperMassive Games, who won a Develop: Industry Excellence Award earlier this year, things are definitely looking good.

The BBC has also released its first teaser trailer of the game. It doesn't give a lot away, but we do think that the game certainly sounds intriguing. Have a look for yourself (see below) and see what you think:

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