Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Latest 3DS System Update Brings 'New Look' 3D Video Recording Features...

The latest system update for the Nintendo 3DS promises to bring with it some very interesting new features, including the ability to record video footage on the console and play it back in 3D!

The update which will become available after 6pm on the 7th of December 2011, will offer users the chance to take a set of 10-minute video recordings on their 3DS and also allow for some special 3D freeze-frame animation using the 'Frame-pick' video mode, which, incidentally, is just one of a few video recording modes on offer.

As well as the new Video Recording mode, 3DS users will also find additional game content in their Mii Plaza from today, including the ability to use Spotpass to download global content.

Furthermore, Nintendo has added a special Streetpass Map so that you can see where exactly in the country you have managed to obtain your current Streetpass Hits from, although unless you are a well-seasoned traveller, this probably won't matter too much.

 Finally, the 07/12/11 system update adds an all-new Streetpass Quest adventure, called - strangely enough - Streetpass Quest 2, although, we should point out that the new quest won't actually become available until you have successfully completed the original Streetpass Quest game twice through, thus collecting all the hats on offer... time to start collecting our coins again, methinks?

The latest 3DS system update has been long-awaited (having been delayed since early November), but the new features are very interactive and should help in attracting plenty of new 3DS fans in the run-up to  the 2011 Christmas season.

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