Friday, 1 April 2011

Sony Erricsson's Xperia Play Phone Release Delayed By Possible Software 'Bugs' and 'Frieght' issues...

It has been revealed that three of the UK's biggest mobile phone retailers - O2, Three and Vodafone have delayed stocking the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play Phone (AKA 'Playstation Phone') on the eve of the phone's European release, citing  'software bugs' and 'Frieght' problems as reasons for the delay.

A recent post on the O2 blog suggested that a number of  software bugs and glitches had been discovered in the Xperia Play handset and that this would delay O2's ability to stock the phone for today's release date.

Stuart Hibberd, Head of Testing at O2 said: "Sometimes we discover bugs and issues on a phone. This is perfectly normal – bugs can appear in every form of software.This is what has happened with the Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY. We’ve been testing the phone non-stop for weeks and have found some bugs in the software...We’ve been working with Sony Ericsson to get these bugs ironed out, but haven’t been able to get them fixed in time for us to be able to launch the phone on April 1st as we originally planned." [Sourced:]

Meanwhile, Vodafone and Three have also delayed stocking the phone. In customer statements revealed to the VG247 website, both Vodafone and Three claimed that frieght issues had delayed a small number of their pre-ordered handsets and insisted that they had found no bugs in the phone's software.

Orange is now the only UK retailer to have full stocks of the Xperia Play phone in time for today's launch, although Vodafone claims that the handset will be available at a few of its stores from today as well.

Whether it is due to software glitches or frieght issues, news of the delay is sure to disapoint thousands of customers and is a rather sour note in the phone's European launch. Mini Gamers hopes that all the problems can be rectified very soon.

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