Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Sony Admits Playstation Network Hack...

Sony has today admitted that "an illegal and unauthorized intrusion" has put several thousand user accounts at risk on both their Playstation Network and Quriocity online services.

According to Sony, certain service user account information was compromised during the intrusion, which occured some time between the 17th-19th of April  2011. Sony promises that they are doing their best to investigate the matter further, and have advised all of their PSN or Quriocity customers to change their usernames and passwords as an extra security measure.

Sony are busy restructuring the Playstation Network in order to make its services stronger against this type of security attack in the future. As a precautionary measure, all Playstation Network and Quriocity services have been temporarily suspended.

 The security breach, which may also include the theft of users' credit card information, has left several Playstation users angry and demanding answers.

 It is not yet clear how the intruder gained access to the Playstation and Quriocity accounts in the first place, but it casts serious doubt on the safety of Sony's Playstation services and is likely to be a devastating blow to the Playstation franchise as a whole.

If you are worried about the security breach and want more information on this subject, you can visit the official Playstation Website by clicking HERE.

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