Thursday, 23 September 2010

Give Your Face A Work-Out With The Nintendo DSi

We've had Brain TrainingSight Training and Maths Training, now exclusive to the original DSi and DSi XL consoles comes Face Training, which is designed to strengthen and relax your facial muscles via a series of interactive exercises.

This game uses the DSi's built in motion camera to track the movement of your face as each exercise is performed. As with the previous 'training' games, the DSi must be placed like a book, so that the touch screen is on your right.

 This screen displays a camera image of your face, which acts like a mirror as you perform each exercise. The left screen gives clear animations and instructions on how each exercise should be performed. Players can also track their progress via the in-game calendar.

There are two training modes: Recommended Training and Intensive Training. Recommended Training features three different exercises which can be completed in about ten minutes. The Intensive mode allows players to target specific muscles in the neck and face, as well as allowing them to do all of the training exercises for a specified duration.

The main aim of this educational title is to reduce stress by tightening and contracting different sets of facial muscles and to strengthen weakened muscles.

However, one of the major downfalls of this title is the price. Although this game is set to retail at around £24.99, the exercises  do seem very easy to complete and it has to be said that most of them could be achieved by just sitting in front of an ordinary mirror and squeezing your cheeks, moving your mouth and  your eyes...Nevertheless, it is still fun to try and can help to fill a spare ten minutes or so during your lunch break. Overall rating: 6/10.

Face Training will be available to buy from the 24th of September 2010.

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