Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Doctor Who Gets RPG Adventure At Last!

The Doctor and Amy Pond (As played by Matt Smith and Karen Gillan) are to brave the TARDIS once again in an effort to save Earth from invasion by some very well-known enemies.

Doctor Who: Evactuation Earth is a brand new adventure by Doctor Who novelist Oli Smith. The game will be a puzzle-adventure and will feature over a hundred mind-bending puzzles to crack as you guide The Doctor and Amy through dangerous alien encounters with both the Silurians and the Daleks.

The DS game's release will also be accompanied by a limited edition Sonic Screwdriver stylus, (whilst the Wii version will be given a Wii-Remote holder in the shape of a giant Sonic Screwdriver) which we think will only add to the fun!

Moreover, both Matt Smith and Karen Gillian have lent their voices to the game characters, so this title will both look and sound as close to the TV programme as possible.

The release of this game will be good news to the thousands of Doctor Who fans who were left feeling disappointed by the Top Trumps DS game which also featured The Tenth Doctor and Martha Jones (played by David Tennant and Freema Agyman).

The game was supposed to be released in the UK at the end of October this year, but this has since been changed to the 19th November 2010. We at Mini Gamers are sure that it will be worth the wait!

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