Sunday, 19 September 2010

EyePet (PSP) Delayed Until 29th October 2010

It was a big talking point during the Sony conference at E3 this year, but now it looks like plans to bring the cute little virtual EyePet onto handheld console may be delayed until the end of October 2010.

The game was supposed to be released in the UK on the 1st October this year, but as anyone who has preordered this game will already know, this date has subsequently been changed to the 29th October 2010.

 EyePet for the PSP has already come under heavy fire by critics because of the problem of getting Sony's portable camera, the PSP Go! Cam to fit to the new PSP Go consoles.

 This problem was first identified by the website Joystiq.Com, whose article on the subject claimed that the new console did not have an appropriate camera attachment to support the Go! Cam  function.

 Although, the article was quick to point out that a converter cable could be used to allow PSP Go owners to still use the Go!Cam - although as it will require the PSP GO to remain plugged in whilst the device is in use, which some people claim makes nonsense of the PSP Go as a portable device... 

Now the twenty-eight day delay for the game will only serve to fuel speculation even more. There has been no official explanation for the delay at present, but it has to be said that this situation also bears frightening similarity to the Lego Harry Potter PSP delay, which saw PSP owners wait several long months to own the game.

Mini Gamers only hopes that this delay is resolved and that Eyepet will be on the shop shelves very soon. Watch this space!

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