Friday, 10 September 2010

Game Of The Week: UFC Undisputed 2010 (PSP)

   "So you want to be a fighter?" [UFC Undisputed 2010 Tag-line]
Today is an important day for fans of the Ultimate Fighting Championships (UFC) as the new video game UFC Undisputed 2010 comes to PSP systems for the first time ever.
Those of you who may not have seen the UFC on television could argue that this game is going to be very similar to  WWE Smackdown! VS. Raw or TNA Impact, but in truth, the UFC has one very unique selling point: Unlike other Full Contact Sports,  the UFC sees competitors battle against each other using a variety of fighting styles including Karate, Muay Thai, Wrestling, Judo and Kickboxing amongst others.

So, what can fans really expect from the video game?

Firstly, UFC Undisputed 2010 features a fully-playable roster of over 100 of the television show's best Mixed Martial Arts fighters, who have all been rendered using photorealistic technology to give them a truly accurate and lifelike appearance.

Moreover, the UFC fighters are also joined by many other well-known personalities from the show including the commentary team of Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg, veteran voice of the Octagon Bruce Buffer, those sexy ringside Octagon Girls and even trainers and referees. This really helps to make the video game feel like a natural extension of the television programme.

Furthermore, a total of nine different fighting disciplines are also included in this game - Karate, Sambo, Greco-Roman Wrestling, Boxing, Judo, Muay Thai, Freestyle Wrestling, Kickboxing and Bazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Players can customize their own fighter with variety of moves from all the featured fighting disciplines to form an unbeatable 'ultimate fighter' of their choice. Players can also form unique personalities for created fighters and increase their cred, popularity and sponsorships via the interactions that are used during the weigh-ins and interviews.

There are plenty of game modes to choose from too. Firstly, you can play as one of your favourite UFC fighters in a standard Career Mode. In this mode, An intuitive new “Game Is Watching You” system tracks every action and uses this information to dictate the in-game commentary, opponent intelligence and overall career progression. The ultimate goal of this mode is to reach the UFC Hall of Fame, however, this can be enhanced through online co-op sparring sessions with respective fight camps.

In Title Mode  players must fight their way to the top of a given UFC weight class in order to capture the championship belt. The many fighting disciplines included in the game make this both a varied and very difficult task.

In Title Defence Mode you are already a UFC champion. Players must use their new fighting skills to defend the championship belt against other UFC competitors who wish to defeat them.

In addition to these modes, the game also features two multiplayer modes: Online Multiplayer allows players to find or host an online UFC match using the PSP WI-FI system, whilst the Tournament Mode allows for interconnectivity with up to 16-players via the PSP's Ad-hoc system. Utilize UFC fighters or any player-created fighters and compete until your heart is content.  

This game is primarilly aimed at fans of the television show of course, but wrestling or boxing fans will also find that there is plenty to enjoy in this title as well. The combination of so many fighting disciplines makes the game unique and challenging. If you are a fan of UFC or if you enjoy contact sport games and wish to try something a little different, then this is definitely the game for you. Overall rating 10/10.

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  1. Yeah definitely this is one of the game that I love to play it's so cool!