Thursday, 15 July 2010

Yet More Confusion for Lego Harry Potter Fans...

It has happened again, Game are now claiming that Lego Harry Potter for the PSP is to suffer further delays and will not be available in store until the 6th of August 2010.

The news, which was reported to us in a comment  by one of the Mini Gamer readers, comes as another shock to the many PSP users who had expected to receive their copy of the game on Friday 30th July.

This latest delay has led  to greater frustration against the game's developers, Travellers Tales, who still refuse to provide a definite reason as to why the PSP version of this game  has been consistently delayed since May this year.


To make matters worse, Mini Gamers decided to further investigate claims that the PSP version had been delayed once more, and found to our surprise that most other UK retailers seem blissfully unaware of the new release date.

We visited, HMV, Zavvi, Woolworths and Asda, who all cite the release date of the PSP version as either the 29th or 30th of July, depending on when their new stock is delivered.

If, as we suspect, Lego Harry Potter for the PSP has truly been delayed once more - and is not simply  delayed in one single outlet such as Game - then many other PSP fans who have already pre-ordered this game can expect to have their hopes dashed via emails and letters sent to them in the next few weeks.

Mini Gamers wonders how long it will be before fans abandon all hopes of ever owning this game on the PSP system and choose to buy it in another format instead.


Has the delay of the PSP version of Lego Harry Potter made you feel angry or disappointed? How did you feel when you were informed that the release date had been changed for the third time? Are you looking forward to eventually getting a copy of the game, or has the delay marred your excitement? Will you now be buying this game in another format now rather than on the PSP?

Here at Mini Gamers, we are interested in hearing your views. Please feel free to leave a comment in the comments box by clicking the 'Comments' link at the bottom of the post (or simply fill in the Comments Box below if viewing the post in a separate window,) and share your thoughts on this issue with others.

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  1. hi Mini Gamers!

    The delays are upsetting and horribly frustrating for PSP users like myself, as Lego Harry Potter is available in every other format, except PSP... GGRRRRR! It is so annoying that by the time, if ever, we PSP fans get to purchase this product we will have lost interest and what does this say about the future use of the PSP format when companies who produce games etc., for the PSP, cannot keep up with the competition or for that matter get ahead of their rivals? What does Sony have to say about this attitudes of its software mkers & platform supporters who appear to be dragging their heels whilst their competitors are rejoicing with success?

    Come on Warner Bros Ink and TT Games get your finger out and sort it... Now! You have faithful customers waiting...!!!