Friday, 9 July 2010

21 days until Lego Harry Potter?

It has been one of the hottest debates amongst PSP gamers of late, but it now seems that the final release date for the PSP version of Lego Harry Potter is the 30th of July 2010. Mini Gamers recently reported that the PSP version  game had been delayed by the publishers TT games.

We also contacted them to ask why the game had been delayed when all the other formats of the game had already been released to the public. TT games has so far declined to comment on its decision.

So, it now seems like it will only be another few weeks before PSP gamers can enjoy the rich spoils of this long-awaited addition to the Lego Games series. However, this does not make up for the thousands of  fans who have pre-ordered this game only to be disappointed. We are all keeping our fingers crossed that the release date will not be changed again between now and the end of the month.


Has the delay of the PSP version of Lego Harry Potter made you feel angry or disappointed? Did you preorder the game? How did you feel when you were informed that the release date had been changed? Why do you think the game might have been delayed? Are you looking forward to eventually getting a copy of the game, or has the delay marred your excitement?

Here at Mini Gamers, we are interested in hearing your views. Please feel free to leave a comment in the comments box by clicking the 'comments' link at the bottom of the post and share your thoughts on this issue with others.


  1. I have got bad news Game have sent me a E-mail saying As you may already be aware the UK release date has been changed to 06 Aug 2010 it be Christmas before it comes out come on TT Games I am geting sick of waiting I got it on the Wii I want it for PSP aswell USA have got it on all formats why can't we.

  2. Thanks Canand, I am as frustrated as you are about the constant delays. As I have said, Mini Gamers contacted TT Games personally to ask them why the game had been delayed, but they have declined to comment.

    I think PSP gamers would all be understanding if there was a good reason why the game was not released, but just to change the release dates over and over again is not good enough :0(

  3. I forgot to tell you before this deley I asked TT Games staff member and Game they said ask WB Games I think they are the ones who makes it.

  4. Thanks again, I will try and contact them... However, I don't think that they will give a clear answer as several websites and blogs have been asking the same question, and no-one has the answer yet...Whatever the reason, it is really frustrating! Wish they'd hurry up and release it.

  5. In USA it came out on PSP, Wii, PS3,DS,PC,Xbox 360 all on the same day and in UK got it on Wii,PS3,DS,PC,Xbox 360

    And I got it for Wii and I want it for PSP because I relley like Lego games.

    I got

    Lego Indy 1,2 on PSP,Wii
    Lego Batman on PSP,Wii
    Lego Star Wars Complete Saga on DS,Wii
    Lego Battles DS
    LegoLand PC
    Lego Rockraiders PC

    I can't wait untill Lego 3DS

    and do you need any help on the site

  6. The fact that the PSP version came out alongside all the other formats in the USA suggests that the delay in the UK is more to do with marketing(i.e not wanting it to be released at the same time as some other PSP games on the market) and not really to do with a design fault of flaw... however, I am currently trying to contact WB as you suggested and see if they can provide a good reason for the delay. Watch this space! Help with the site is also appreciated. Thanks!

  7. I got more bad news looks like game is right becuse has now got it down for 06/08/2010 and you cant buy it from Argos now becuse they took it off and has it on the same date aswell and have took it off there website aswell and says Release due on 06 August 2010 and gamestation have got it down as 06 August 2010 aswell

  8. Yes, well it's to be expected, as you already said that Game had changed the release date and I said in my latest post on this subject,(, it was only a matter of time before other shops followed suit...

    I will be amazed if this game ever makes it onto PSP now.

    By the way, I contacted Warner Bros to ask about the game but they are also refusing to comment. I think it shows a total lack of respect for Lego game fans and I am seriously wondering whether to buy this game at all when it is finally released on PSP now.

  9. I have got even more bad news now and are now saying that it has been delayed untill Friday 13th August

    How many times are they going to delay it and for what.

  10. Yeah it has been delayed agian because gameplay have got it down now as Friday 13th August 2010

  11. It seems as though this game will be delayed forever. I wish there was a proper explanation for the delay though...