Thursday, 8 July 2010

Game Of The Week: Everybody's Tennis (PSP)

Summer tends to bring with it a whole host of sporting games titles, and Everybody's Tennis on the PSP (called 'Hot Shots' in the USA) certainly fits the Summertime mood. This bright, colourful game puts the emphasis on tennis being a sport for the whole family to enjoy.

The game controls are uncomplicated and success in the game is based around getting the timing of your shot correct. Furthermore, the use of the Everybody's Racket function increases the accuracy of your shots and is excellent for tennis newcomers, however, it does reduce the power behind each shot so players may find it difficult to get the ball past their opponent.

The easy controls may make this game seem initially childish or boring, but the reality is far from it. Every character comes with their own set of strengths and weaknesses, making for varied gameplay. There are an incredible amount of characters to choose from too. Players will need to adapt their playing style in order to have continued success in the game.

Unlike its sister game, Everybody's Golf, which focuses more on tournaments and versus-type gameplay, this title utilises some interesting RPG elements in its single-player mode as well. Players can let their characters explore different game enviroments and solve puzzles by challenging various opponents, including a few 'Boss' types as well. The storyline is basic but still very enjoyable.

For those of you who dislike RPG storylines, you can play more traditional tennis matches against opponents of your choice in the Exhibition mode instead. It has to be said however, that the story mode does give you a chance to play against every character in the game, which allows you to quickly suss out their particular playing styles and skills.

The game's producers Clap Handz have tried very hard to make this sporting title into the type of game that fans will want to play over and over again. The bright colours and wacky characters only add to the enjoyment of the game. All the main types of tennis court (hard, clay and grass) are included in the game and all the environments are presented in meticulous detail, which make it a visual eye-fest on the PSP screen.

There is also plenty of unlockable content to be had here and players can look forward to customising their chosen character with many different rackets, clothes and hairstyles. Loyalty Points are also given for using the same character over and over again, which equips them with certain abilities to use within the game.

As an extra treat, one of the characters from Killzone can also be unlocked, leading to some very comical gameplay!

Moreover, if you have enjoyed success in the single-player mode and still want more tennis action,  Everybody's Tennis also features a great head-to-head multiplayer mode for up to four PSP players, so you can test your skills against your friends and family.

Overall, this game has tons of replay action and will keep you entertained long after Wimbledon has finished. The new RPG storylines and 'Boss' tennis opponants make it challenging, whilst the simple controls means that it is easy to just pick up and play. This game is a must-buy item for PSP users. Overall rating: 9/10.


  1. Having played Everybody's Golf, I'm looking forward to owning this title. It is very colourful and the character customisation is an excellent feature.

  2. Thanks, Lee. it is a really good game. You should enjoy it when you get it.