Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Sony offers 'ModNation Racers' Patch

Gamers can race using a variety of vehicles including aeroplanes

If, like many fans of Sony's Modnation Racers, you have struggled to compete against the  myriad of ultra-competitive CPU opponents within the game, then help could soon be on its way to you.

Modnation Racers was released for the PSP and PS3 some time in May this year, and although the game has proven itself to already be a very popular racing simulation, it has suffered complaints from fans that the CPU characters are virtually unbeatable, leading to many gamers being able to complete the final racing levels.

Some of the CPU characters have been accused of being too tough to beat.

Very little is known about the intended patch yet, but Sony has promised that it will include "Less aggressive" CPU drivers. The Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC  (better known as SCEA) has also promised fans that the new patch would take into account some of the other improvement suggestions that fans of the game have asked for.

There is lots of customisation available in this game.

The patch is welcome news, as it means that many gamers will now be able to complete the final levels of the game, and it is also kind of heart-warming to know that Sony is still prepared to listen to what fans of its products have to say about particular issues.

There has been no confirmed date for when the new patch will become available, but the game's developers UFG assure fans that it won't be too long. They are requesting that fans be patient and say that they are putting "The finishing touches" to the patch, which will apparently add a 'Casual' difficulty option to the game's existing Careers Mode in order to help those gamers who just can't keep up on the race track.

Be sure to check in with Mini Gamers for news and updates about the new patch when it arrives!

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