Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Professor Layton VS. Phoenix Wright TGS 2011 Trailer Revealed...

A new trailer for the 3DS Puzzle/Adventure collaboration, known simply as Professor Layton VS. Phoenix Wright, has recently surfaced on the Internet following its unveiling at the Tokyo Game Show 2011.

The game is the result a collaboration between Level 5 inc and Capcom and features characters from both game franchises. However, it had previously been suggested that the game might actually be a fabrication - hopefully this trailer will dispel any notions that this game might be a myth!

Japanese Official Trailer shown at TGS 2011

Very little is known about the game's main storyline so far, but from what we have seen, it would seem to centre around Witchcraft, Castles and Medieval Knights.  Phoenix Wright must defend his client (the blonde woman in the dock) against accusations that she is a practising witch.

No European release has been announced yet, but the game is scheduled for release in Japan some time in 2012. The game itself will be the first time that either franchise has appeared in 3D. As a result, the graphics will juxtapose the familiar 2D images with 3D ones.

Professor Layton VS. Phoenix Wright looks like a very interesting title. Mini Gamers hopes that a European release date will be confirmed some time in the next few months.

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