Monday, 5 September 2011

Flare Red 3DS Gets USA, Australia and UK Release Dates?

*This Post has been updated*
To read about the new UK release date for the Flare Red 3DS, please CLICK HERE...

The Nintendo 3DS Flare Red console has finally been given some official release dates outside of Japan. The very stylish Flare Red console will first be released in North America on the 9th of September 2011.

According to various American sources, including the Engadget website, the red 3DS console that many of us were expecting to see at launch will now be released alongside Nintendo's newest 3DS gaming tite Star Fox 64 3D.

Furthermore, according to the website, Zelda Universe, Nintendo of Australia has apparently announced that the Flare Red console will be released on the 22nd of September 2011, although it is not clear whether the console will be bundled with any particular 3DS games at this point.

In the UK, the release date of the Flare Red 3DS remains a mystery, although several unofficial reports are beginning to surface - including one from You Tube - which suggest that Nintendo might be planning to release the new 3DS console alongside the first 3DS Super Mario titles, such as Mario Kart 7,  in December 2011.

So, it is still an anxious wait for those gamers in the UK who are hoping to purchase a Red 3DS console, nevertheless, the official American and Austrailian Flare Red release dates do make a future official UK release date even more likely.

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  1. 22nd of September is correct. The day Nintendo Australia gets with the times!

  2. Some date for Europe? (red 3ds)

  3. No European date set yet. Sorry. Thanks for your comment.