Friday, 16 September 2011

Flare Red 3DS UK Release Date Scheduled For September...

Mini Gamers can reveal that the long-awaited Flare Red 3DS console will be arriving in the UK on Friday the 30th of September 2011.

The red 3DS console has long been a favourite amongst 3DS owners ever since it was first revealed alongside the two launch colours, Aqua Blue and Cosmos Black,  back in early 2010.

However, the red console never actually materialised during the 3DS launch in March this year, leading to disappointment from those gamers who had set their heart on owning a red one.

Recently, Nintendo announced that the Flare red (AKA Flame Red) 3DS console would be released in Australia and the USA in September, but did not specify a UK release date - until now...

Mini Gamers is relieved that there is now a solid date for the UK Flare Red console release, but with only fourteen days left until the console's apparent release, we can not help but wonder what those initial gamers who originally wanted a red 3DS console but decided to opt for one of the launch colours instead will do now.

This brings up a very important issue in the world of handheld gaming. Should companies like Nintendo be allowed to announce or display a particular colour of console in their pre-release marketing campaigns but then delay its release until several months after the console's original release date? Is this not simply causing unnecessary disappointment to gamers?


Are you hoping to purchase a Flare Red 3DS console?

What makes the Flare Red colour so attractive to gamers?

Did you originally want to purchase a Flare Red 3DS console but opted for one of the launch colour consoles instead?

Are you now disappointed that you did not get a Flare Red 3DS?

If you wish to discuss this issue with other gamers, then please leave us a comment. We'd love to hear your thoughts.

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