Saturday, 2 July 2011

PSP News: Last Chance To Claim Your Free Games...

There is now only one day left for Playstation Network users to claim their two free games from the PSN store.

The two free games offer is actually part of a wider 'Welcome Back' package which was offered by the online network store after a malicious system hack forced all Sony online services to close for several weeks.

 Handheld Gamers have been offered a choice of two games from the following PSP titles:


Guide your own customised sackboy/sackgirl character around several environments, unlock extra content such as stickers and even create your own levels to display online.

ModNation Racers

Customise your own 'Mod' character, design your racing kart and tracks and then race around until your heart's content. Use various collected weapons against your opponents, including UFOs, electricity, and gunge amongst others.

Alternatively, play through the game's STORY MODE as 'Tag', a young Mod who wants to be the best racer on the ModNation Racing circuit. 

Pursuit Force

Leap from vehicle to vehicle in a series of challenging high-speed chases.

Killzone Liberation

Now you can battle against the fearsome Helghast in the palm of your hand. 

So, if you haven't yet played any of these games, now is your chance to own some of the most popular titles to ever grace the PSP for FREE!!!

But you will have to hurry as the offer expires on the 3rd July 2011.

If you wish to know more about Sony's Welcome Back offers, please click HERE

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