Thursday, 14 July 2011

Game of the Week: Dream Trigger 3D [3DS]

Dream Trigger 3D is a brand-new Arcade Shooter game specifically for the Nintendo 3DS. In the game, players must use 'Sonar' (a set of coloured squares on the bottom touchscreen) along with rhythmic music, in order to locate and shoot flying enemies in over fifty stunning 3D enviroments.

The overall plot of Dream Trigger 3D is pretty loose. You must locate and shoot various enemies whilst using a cycling trigger system with a close-up reticule for improved targetting if needed. The idea is to return each environment to a peaceful enemy-free state before moving on to the next level.

Enemies are shown on the bottom screen as a set of pixalated purple squares (see screenshot above). Nevertheless, it is still hard to spot them amongst the mass of other colours and shapes within the environment, so keeping a close eye on the patterns of the bottom screen is a must.

Once enemies have been located and their overall attack pattern formulated, players can then plant Sonar Bombs along the enemies' trajectory.

This helps to expose your enemies, which in turn can increase your ammo - a definite necessity in this game, as the enemy bullets tend to rain down on you pretty relentlessly.

The bright 3D graphics help to make the environments both a stunning and slightly hypnotic experience. However, this trippy style may not be to everyone's taste.

Nevertheless, the game has been especially designed for use with the 3DS console, and is therefore a unique and endearing game which can definitely hold its own amongst the various game 'remakes' which have graced the 3DS console so far.

In conclusion, this is a simple little game once the controls have been mastered. The 3D graphics are stunning and are put to great use within each of the environments on offer. However, the bright colours and music rhythms may not appeal to some hardcore shooter fans.

If you have a 3DS and are looking for a unique, graphically stunning, single-player game with high replay value, then this is most definitely the game for you. Overall rating: 8/10.

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