Sunday, 6 February 2011

Playstation Suite Announced...

Sony have been very busy over the past month or so, as well as announcing their new handheld console - The Sony NGP - Sony have also revealed plans for a new Playstation Suite for use with Android Smartphones and Android-powered tablet PCs.

The Playstation Suite (or PS suite as it is quickly becoming known) will act like a version of the Playstation Network Store and will first feature the original Playstation One game titles, with  new 'Android' store titles becoming available at a later date.

According to gaming website, Engadget, the new Playstation Suite is equipped with a "neutral" framework so that the featured games should eventually be compatible with all mobile phones.

Furthermore, it is reported that the store will come with a Quality Assurance scheme, which has been called PlayStation Certified. In translation, this means that developers who wish to feature their software in the Playstation Suite will have to meet certain standards of quality before they can be certified for inclusion.

Very little is known about the Playstation Suite at this time, but it is has already been developed for the new Sony handheld and is also likely to feature on the new Sony Ericsson Xperia Play (or 'PSP phone').

Although neither Sony Ericsson nor Sony PSP bosses have admitted that the phone is in development, recently uncovered the following advertisement for the phone on YouTube:

Thus, it seems as though Sony is determined that its new gaming products should target the Mobile Gaming market, which became more prolific throughout 2010. 

Sony CEO, Jack Tretton recently spoke at the Playstation Meeting in Tokyo, saying: "We've always been about, what is the market? What is the opportunity? Seize the opportunity and differentiate yourself," [Source:]

Whatever your opinion about Sony's plans, the new Playstation Suite is certainly a very interesting idea. Mini Gamers looks forward to following the progress of all Sony's new gadgets as they develop.

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