Saturday, 12 February 2011

Game of the Week: Magic Encyclopedia 2: Moonlight (DS/DSi)

Magic Encyclopedia 2: Moonlight  made its debut on the Nintendo DS/DSi this week. The game has been produced by Easy Interactive, and has been specially adapted for the DS and DSi consoles from an existing PC game series of the same name.

In Magic Encyclopedia 2: Moonlight, players take on the role of Katrina - a student a very special Magic School. When one of the Professors at the school goes missing; Katrina (and her brother Roger) set out on a mission to rescue him. 

Along the way players discover a terrifyingly dark secret about Katrina's missing teacher, and also help to unravel an ancient mystery, whilst piecing together parts of a powerful amulet.

The game features almost two thousand hidden objects to locate, spread throught its thirty-two levels, which will help players to solve the mystery. Finding hidden items is also a good way to build up tools and artifacts within the game.

Furthermore, the game also features eighteen separate mini-games that players will have to master in order to advance. Magic Encyclopedia 2: Moonlight also features an impressive set of four locations to explore, which are each presented in beautiful, hand-drawn 2D graphics.

In conclusion, this is a good game. The mini-games are very challenging and include tasks such as finding and re-arranging  pieces of a broken dagger, putting stones in the correct sequence to unlock a door, or moving liquid between three sets of jugs so that they all contain exactly eight litres.

If you want the magic and mayhem of a Harry Potter adventure mixed with Professor Layton style set of logical mini-games, then this is definitely the game for you. Overall rating: 8/10.

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