Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Nintendo: No 3DS eShop At Launch, Says Iwata...

President of Nintendo, Mr. Sotaru Iwata has admitted that the 3DS eShop, which will allow users to download extra content including some DSiWare and retro GameBoy titles onto the new console, will not be available to gamers until at least two months after the console launches on the 25th March this year.

Originally, Nintendo had suggested that the 3DS might contain an update to allow users to download the eShop feature onto their console from day one, but this has since been changed.

Iwata said that: "The first system update is scheduled for late May, at almost the same time around the world..." [sourced:]

It is thought that the delay may  simply be an attempt by Nintendo to improve its digital distribution methods, as prior attempts such as the DSi shop and Wii Shop applications have failed to attract a great deal of attention from gamers despite a great deal of promotion at their initial launch.

Iwata claims that: "Wii Shop Channel and Nintendo DSi Shop, which are based on Internet-browser technology, have not provided the users with a sufficiently easy and accessible interface... As it is critical in digital software distribution that the software available there won't be buried and go unnoticed, and that we can prepare pleasant encounters for consumers, we will be running a drastically redesigned shop for Nintendo 3DS in which you can more comfortably purchase software through downloads." [sourced:]

May is not too far from the initial launch date but for some gamers, however, the lack of a useable eShop from day one could be seen as another of Nintendo's broken promises about the 3DS console.

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