Saturday, 27 November 2010

Game of the Week: TRON: Evolution (DS & PSP)

TRON IS BACK! The cult classic from the 1980's has been given a new twist for modern audiences in the form of TRON: Legacy, which is set to debut in UK cinemas on the 26th of December this year. In addition to this, a new videogame called TRON: Evolution was released earlier this week.

TRON: Evolution is set during the era between the two TRON films.  It has been developed by Propaganda Games and Disney Interactive Studios.  The game has an independent storyline, which will help to bridge the gap between the main plots in both films and help fans old and  new to familiarise themselves with TRON mythology.
 Tron: Evolution is set seven years after the events of the first film. In the game, the original paradise of Kevin Flynn's world (the hero in the 1982 TRON film), is fast-becoming the dystopian police-state that will be portrayed in the new movie.
Gamers play as 'Anon', an impressive AI system monitor created by Kevin Flynn. Anon must investigate the mysterious emergence of new corrupt ISOs (a race of programs that are not created by humans but are entirely self-created) and the rise of the malevolent Abraxas virus. Anon's main function is to destroy Abraxas.
TRON Evolution is a third person Action-Adventure game. It mixes enemy battles with fast-paced racing action.There are three basic attacks which can be used against enemies: melee, light disc and special disc, which can be strung together into interesting combos.
Each attack's success varies depending on Anon's movements within the game. For example, sprinting whilst using the attack discs means that attacks will be weaker upon impact but they will be faster to implement, while a defensive stance will increase the power and range of your special disc moves, and also replaces your normal jump moves with a very helpful 'rolling dodge'.
Much of the game is spent jumping over chasms and avoiding obstacles around the dystopic landscape, which has some strong platformer elements in it.

The racing sections involve high-speed chases against enemy bikers. Players must expertly avoid falling objects which will attempt to block their path, as well as deadly luminous 'gates' which seem to descend out of nowhere, but which spell instant death to the game's main character when touched.

 the DS and PSP versions of the game also feature a Grid Games Championship section, where players compete in arena matches or in races. Grid games also feature local multiplayer with iconic TRON vehicles, such as light cycles and light tanks in both competitive and co-operative modes such as capture the flag and last man standing. PSP owners can also download bonus content from the PSN store.

This game is actually very enjoyable for a movie tie-in and will appeal to action gamers and platformer fans alike. It is also an interesting introduction into the TRON universe. Overall rating 8/10.

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