Saturday, 13 November 2010

Game Of The Week: Doctor Who: Evacuation Earth (DS/DSi)

It is great news for fans of the long-running TV show everywhere, as Doctor Who has finally been given his own RPG Action-Adventure on the Nintendo DS. The game has been officially licensed by BBC Worldwide and features complete voice work by the Eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith, and his Companion Amy Pond  (Karen Gillan), which helps to give it the feel of an actual Doctor Who episode.

The game has also been coupled with a special Sonic Screwdriver Stylus Pack, which is sure to be a good stocking filler this Christmas.  A Wii  game called Dr. Who: Return to Earth also accompanies this title.

In Doctor Who: Evacuation Earth, The Doctor and Amy travel to the Lake District shortly before the end of the world. They have come to supervise the human evactuation from the planet's surface. However, it is not long before the two of them run into trouble.

The TARDIS gets pulled on board the Evacuation ship and The Doctor and Amy must engage in a fierce battle with two very well-known enemies - The Silurians and The Daleks - in order to get it back.  

Doctor Who: Evacuation Earth includes over 100 logic puzzles to solve, plus over 60 exciting locations to explore. The game itself has been marketed for a family audience, which does mean that some of the puzzles are very easy to complete. Nevertheless, the storyline is both witty and very enjoyable.

On the whole, this is a good puzzle Action-Adventure game which is sure to interest any Doctor Who fan. However, the easy-to-complete puzzles may get on the nerves of some adults who wish to be challenged by their video games. Overall rating: 8/10.

Opening Scenes from Doctor Who: Evaction Earth


  1. you say easy to complete puzzles - to date most of them have been however I'm now stuck not with a puzzle but trying to do something within the game - very frustrating - and I'm 35 and used to Professor Layton games

  2. Obviously some parts of the game will be more difficult than others, as you say - you are not actually stuck on one of the 'mini game' puzzles, which did seem to be mostly aimed at the younger generation.

    However, as you rightly point out, this is an overall summary of the games content as some portions of the game are more difficult than others. Thank you for the comment though.

    Did you also know that if gamers leave comments or suggestions in our 'Suggestions Box' (at the top of the page) about games that they are stuck on, then Mini Gamers will try to find solutions to that game?