Sunday, 7 November 2010

Game Of The Week: God Of War: Ghost Of Sparta

Kratos has returned to the PSP in an epic new story, with more ferocious mythical battles, trademark gameplay, and groundbreaking graphics. God of War: Ghost of Sparta is a prequel to the best-selling God Of War franchise, set just after the events in the original God of War game on the Playstation 2. This game finally attempts to deal with Kratos' mysterious and troubled past and follows his ascension to power as the God of War.
God of War: Ghost of Sparta features many elements that will be instantly recognisable to fans of the series so far, including many quick-time events, puzzles and boss fights.

The latest game also features new weapons, magical powers and navigational abilities not present in previous games, including the Arms of Sparta - a powerful spear and shield combo - which will allow Kratos to battle more realistically than ever before.

Kratos' new magical abilities include the Eye of Atlantis, which is a weapon that allows you to harness the power of Atlantis and use it to electrocute your enemies. The Scourge of Erinys; this artifact shoots dark energy with the similar rapid range blast of Typhon's Bane in God of War II  but it is much stronger, and lastly, the Horn of Boreas, which freezes nearby enemies.  it can also freeze the magic meter so Kratos can use magic without draining any power, but this only works for a few seconds at a time.

The game has also been cited as featuring twenty-five percent more gameplay than its brilliant PSP predecessor Chains of Olympus. That means that the gameplay is almost double in length than those of the other games in the series, which in turn means more treasure chests to find, more puzzles to solve and more abilites to master.

If you ever wondered just how Kratos got that scar then this is the perfect game for you. It is also good for newcomers to the series. Nevertheless, as fans will know, this game has been given an '18+' age certificate so expect plenty of blood and guts. This is not a title for the faint-hearted.

Official Trailer

 This game is a cinematic masterpiece. The cutscenes are interesting but not too long, and the graphics are truly stunning. This could well prove to be one of the best Action-Adventure games to be released on the PSP this year.

 If you are new to the series, but are not opposed to fighting or battle action-adventures, then this is the perfect place to start. If you are already a fan of the series then this title is a must-have as it fills in story details which have been neglected in all of the previous games. Overall rating: 10/10.

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  1. the game is more intense and more harder than chains of olympus.... but still God of War Series is worth playing and spending time....