Thursday, 28 October 2010

Sony Stops PSP Development Kits

The SCEE has announced that it will stop distributing current PSP and PSP-3000 Development Kits from the 15th November 2010.

Development Kits are tools which help Software Developers to develop games and applications for particular devices such as games consoles. Sony now wish to stop distribution of their PSP development tool (dtp-t2000a) and testing tool (dtp-h2500a), however, they stress that they will continue to loan the tools to software developers who request them after the deadline.

According to the gaming blogsite VG247, Sony has openly admitted that it is going to stop distribution of the development kits for its PSP and PSP 3000 consoles. However, Sony's latest console,  the PSP Go will not be affected.

A representative of the SCEE said: “Due to the certification on the current development and test tools expiring, we will be stopping selling them on November 15th 2010, however, we will continue to provide loan stock for registered and new developers, until a new certified model is available.” [source:]

The decision comes after months of speculation about falling sales figures and lengthy game delays. PSP hardware sold 62 million units worldwide by September 2010, whereas its main competitor, the Nintendo DS had already sold 132.04 million units worldwide by June 2010.

Furthermore, several 'big name' game releases have either been delayed on the PSP or have not included a PSP version at all. These include: The Sims 3The Force Unleashed II, Patapon 3 and Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars ,which have now both been delayed until 2011.

The SCEE's decision has also fuelled further speculation about a brand new type of PSP console (nicknamed the PSP2), which could possibly be in development right now.

Sony still refuses to acknowledge the existence of such a console, let alone confirm whether the device will be heading for a 2011 release to combat possible Nintendo sales from the 3DS, which is set to debut in March 2011.

Nevertheless, Shaun Himmerick, Executive Producer on the upcoming Mortal Kombat reboot, not only revealed that the device existed, but also that his team had one.

In a PAX 2010 interview about the upcoming reboot, Himmerick let slip that his team had been working with a PSP2 development unit at Netherrealm Studios, thus offering definite proof that a new Sony console is in production at the moment.

However, whether or not a new console is in development does not change the fact that older-style PSPs will no longer be supported after the 15th November 2010. This means that there will be less new games and applications available to people who cannot afford the latest PSP Go console, despite recent price reduction promises.

Furthermore, old PSP stock will be reduced in many retail stores, making the original PSP and PSP 3000 consoles and their software completely obsolete within a few years.

There are still a few new PSP games on the horizon, such as God Of War: Ghost Of Sparta, EyePet , or Buzz: The Ultimate Music Quiz, as well as some of those delayed games mentioned above, but we at Mini Gamers are saddened that these games will be more of a last hurrah for this great console, rather than a continuation of its previous success. November the 15th 2010 marks a very sad day for handheld gamers everywhere...

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