Saturday, 30 October 2010

Game Of The Week: Super Scribblenauts (DS/DSi)

Maxwell has returned for a second adventure on Nintendo DS and DSi, and this time, he's SUPER! For those of you who have never heard of Scribblenauts before,The objective of the game is to complete puzzles and collect little objects known as Starites, which players can attain by writing different objects into the game via an on-screen notepad.

The game was produced by video game developers, 5th Cell, who are also well-known for creating the Drawn To Life series of videogames.

Now Super Scribblenauts promises to be even better than its predecessor. So, what new features can we expect from this long-awaited sequel?

Firstly, Super Scribblenauts has an expanded dictionary of approximately 10,000 words that were not included in the original game. Furthermore, Adjectives now feature prominently in the game and allow players to specify the colour, size, style, behaviours of the object they are describing.

Multiple adjectives can be combined together to produce incredibly creative objects. If you ever wanted to create a giant, blue, happy, spotty, fox, or an angry, yellow, flying, car, then this is definitely the game for you.

As with most word-based videogames, it is important to be aware that not all words are recognised by the game's dictionary, especially where a chosen word differs in UK English and American English. For example, we tried typing in the word 'Spade', but found that it was not included in the dictionary. However, the word 'shovel' was included.

On the whole, however, Super Scribblenauts adjectives work very well and help to create a deeper and more imaginative game than before.

The levels map has also gone through a bit of a makeover. This time, each level (and its sub-levels) help to make up a different star 'constallation', including a big tree. Each time a sub-level is completed successfully, a new star (AKA a new sub-level) is added to the constallation.

One of the changes that we at Mini Gamers most approve of, is the ability to choose how you control Maxwell. The previous game was purely stylus-based and this meant that poor Maxwell would easily fall off the end of ledges or suddenly dismount from an aeroplane in mid-flight.

Luckily, the geniuses at 5th Cell have included D-Pad Controls in this game. Use the directional buttons, or A and Y to move Maxwell, or X and B to jump. We tried flying a 'Friendly Dragon' via the D-pad and found that it was much easier than by stylus.

Another new feature is the Hint System. Players can now use the points they gain in each sub-level (known as 'OLLARS') to purchase some useful hints about which objects might be needed to reach the end of the level. This is really useful as it stops the game from getting stale.

Official E3 Trailer: Super Scribblenauts

In conclusion then, Super Scribblenauts really does live up to the hype. All the fun features of the original game such as Merit Points, The Custom Level Creator and Unlockable Avatars are still available, but the new controls and adjective-based gameplay makes this game so much more interesting. If you like games with a high level of creativity and innovative content, then this is the perfect game for you. Overall rating: 10/10.

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