Tuesday, 19 October 2010

The Sims 3 On Nintendo DS/DSi - Just Ten Days To Go...

The Sims 3 comes to the Nintendo DS console systems on the 29th of October, but we couldn't wait until then. Mini Gamers takes a look at some of the features that players can expect from the new game.

1) Create-A-Sim Gets A Whole New Look:

The classic 'Create-A-Sim' mode, which has been present since the Sims 2 DS games, has now been given an extra makeover, meaning that more unique Sims can be created than ever before. Earlier Sims DS games had only allowed players to select from a very limited list of faces, hairstyles and clothes, meaning that all the characters were pretty generic.

The Sims 3 (DS) does away with the old character templates. Instead, the stylus is used as a sculpting tool so that each feature of a Sims' face can now be moulded to the players chosen specification. This brings the 'Create-A-Sim' mode more in line with the PC version of The Sims 3, and makes it easier to create realistic characters.

2)  Detailed 'Build Mode' 

 Again, the 'Build Mode' has been re-developed to bring it closer to the PC version of the game. Players can literally paint their own wall designs, floors and furniture. Preset options are also available if you are lacking inspiration though. The stylus can also be used to pick up and place new furniture items.

3) A Truly 'Open' Story:

Unlike the PC version, The Sims 2 console games only ever contained a single narrative. The new game allows players to decide the fate of their chosen Sims through the use of Personality Traits and Karma Powers.

Whilst the Personality Traits are already a strong part of the PC version of The Sims 3, Karma Powers have been specially designed for the console version and the type of Karma Powers you can unlock during the game depends upon what particular console version of the game you have purchased.

For the Nintendo DS/DSi consoles, there are eleven total Karma Powers that can be unlocked. These are: 

+ Winter Wonderland: triggers a permanent winter season in the game.

+ The Muse: helps painting and cooking skills.

+ The Riddler: helps logic and mechanical skills

+ Casanova: other Sims cannot resist you.

+ Bless the Mess: everything broken or messy within your Sim's home is fixed and cleaned for you.

+ Wormhole: makes your Sim travel quickly.

+ Instant Beauty: you can edit your Sim's physical appearance in Create-A-Sim mode.

 + Super satisfy: immediately fulfills needs.

+ Giant Jackpot: you get money.

 - Cosmic Curse: depletes all of the target Sims’ needs.

- Epic fail: makes Sims fight, burp and fart, get demoted or fired, break things, causes fires and more.

Although there are a total of nine positive Karma Powers (+) and only two negative ones (-) , overuse or misuse of these powers can cause bad or unexpected things to happen, which in turn may disrupt your Sims overall lifetime goals. Use those powers carefully!

Overall, The Sims 3 on Nintendo DS/DSi is as close to the PC version as it could possibly be. With so many plot twists and an open storyline, this game is sure to keep Sims fans busy for a very long time to come. There is talk that a version of this game will also be making its debut on the 3DS next year, but until then, this game is a true life-simulation masterpiece. Overall rating: 10/10.

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