Friday, 4 June 2010

Game Of The Week: 2010 FIFA World Cup: South Africa (PSP)

The World Cup is only one week away, and as with other popular sporting events, there is usually a Gaming title to accompany it. The EA Sports game
'2010 FIFA World Cup: South Africa'
on the PSP is no different.

In this game, football fans get to experience all the buzz and festivity of the actual world cup. Players can choose from any one of the 199 teams featured and take them from qualification to a good virtual reproduction of the World Cup final. All of the 10 official stadiums have been reproduced as well.

Every part of this game has been engineered to give fans an authentic experience of this year's World Cup. Thus, players will be treated to highly realistic scenes of confetti, waving flags, stramers and cannons - all designed to reproduce the excitement and anticipation of the actual game.

The PSP version of this game also features some welcome new changes to the other titles in this series. For the first time on PSP, Players can now create a virtual avatar of themselves, wear the shirt of their favourite team and lead them to World Cup glory.

Furthermore, the analogue stick can now be utilised in an all-new shooting mechanic, which gives players total control over the ball, leading to more precise shots. Players must strike the ball with the finesse needed to curve it around the wall and past the keeper for the winning goal.

Players can also earn power boosts during the game: Dominate opponents, build momentum and propel your chosen squad to victory. Players can also choose how to boost their team, and which aspects they wish to boost - offense, defense, the entire squad or just your goalkeeper.

The overall presentation of this game is excellent. The virtual players now look even more like their real-life counterparts. Moreover,the unique camera angles helps players to focus in on all the exciting moments of gameplay without losing the clarity of the graphics.

In addition, a new 'Two button' control system for inexperienced gamers and a new penalty system (whereby gamers can practise their shot before actually taking it) also help to bring a new level of accessibility to the game.

EA Sports has clearly tried hard to give fans an authentic World Cup experience with this title. If you have ever dreamt of leading your country to footballing glory then this is definitely the game for you. Overall rating: 9/10.

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