Wednesday, 16 June 2010

E3 News: Eye Pet on PSP!

Sony's Computer Entertainment America CEO, Jack Tretton had some exciting news for PSP fans at E3 yesterday. He promises that Sony will release more than 70 new titles for the handheld console by the end of 2010.


Amongst the most popular games revealed yesterday, were God of War: Ghost of Sparta, Resident Evil, Kingdom Hearts, The 3rd Birthday, Valkyria II, and Patapon 3. Tretton also revealed that the PS3 virtual pet EyePet would also be making its debut on the PSP at some point this year.

EyePet allows gamers to raise a cute little virtual pet on their console and was very successful on the PS3 last year. The PSP version is thought to utilise the PSP's GO!Cam, an attachable camera that has previously been used the Invizamals game. The PSP version will also allow gamers to create their own toys for their EyePet. Details about the gameplay are very sketchy at the moment, but the trailer looks promising:

Although the majority of the Sony Conference focused on the PS3, it is good to know that Sony has not forgotten about the fans of its handheld. The PSP has been accused of dwindling sales over the past few months, but the addition of so many new titles is bound to gain the PSP all the attention it deserves.

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