Saturday, 29 May 2010

5 Things To Look Forward To...

It could be argued that handheld gaming is undergoing a bit of a 'drought' recently, but don't worry, here are five things that handheld gamers should put in their diaries:

1. 'Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4' on DS and PSP

Yes, the boy-wizard is scheduled to be practising his potions on our handhelds sometime next month, and reports of the new Lego game are certainly promising. As expected, players will be able to control several aspects of Harry's daily life, including his lessons and his first four battles with Voldermort as well as exploring a very detailed Lego version of Hogwarts. All of this will be presented in the bright, humorous style that fans of the series have come to expect.

No doubt this will be a popular game for players of all ages. Not long to wait now!

2. 'Super Scribblenauts' (AKA 'Scribblenauts' the sequel)

The sequel to the ever-popular DS game is back, and this time, Maxwell's world is even more interactive than ever! As well as new challenges and puzzles to explore, the game's dictionary has now been modified to include multiple adjectives so Maxwell can now choose to have 'Rainbow Wings' or 'Robotic Roller skates' for example.

Furthermore, it is clear that Warner has been listening to fans of the original 'Scribblenauts', as Maxwell can now be controlled by the D-pad controls and not just via the stylus - thank goodness for that!

'Super Scribblenauts' is due to be released some time in September this year, and you can rely on 'Mini Gamers' to bring you the review.

3. 'The Sims 3' on DS

The third incarnation of the best-selling PC Game of all time is finally coming to consoles some time in September 2010, and the DS version promises to be a real treat. For the first time, 'The Sims 3' offers handheld gamers the chance to play a game which is closer to its PC counterpart.

Players will be able to control multiple characters as part of a family and will be allowed to give them unique personality traits and decorate their homes in whatever style they wish. Furthermore, as a console exclusive, players unlock all-new Karma Powers. Wield the ultimate control over your Sims giving them wealth, beauty, and love - or take it all away with the click of a button.

It certainly sounds exciting! Hopefully this will be one game that actually manages to live up to the hype! Expect a full review when the game is finally released to the public.

4. 'Everybody's Tennis' on the PSP

Yes, you read that correctly, the team behind the 'Everybody's Golf' games are due to release this sporting title onto the PSP in early July 2010. Now players can get to experience the game of tennis as never seen before.

'Everybody's Tennis' works on the same principle as its predecessor - to make the game of tennis accessible to people of all ages and abilities, so expect bright, colourful graphics and quirky characters.

As with 'Everybody's Golf', characters can be customised using items that are unlocked throughout the game. The overall gameplay is said to be easy for novices to interact with, but the games developers are promising an advanced shot system for more confident gamers. This is definitely a game which should be on every sports-gamer's wishlist.

5.A 3D Gaming Experience

Nintendo have announced plans to create a fully-3D DS console, without the need for wearing those ridiculous spectacles! Furthermore, Nintendo has promised that the new console will be backwards-compatible with older forms of the DS and DSi consoles.

It is difficult to see how this might work, but the 3D DS is set to be unveiled at this year's E3 convention in Los Angeles next month. If you can't wait, the Nintendo DSi already possesses a DSiware title which utilises 3D technology:

This kind of technology in a game console is a handheld gamer's dream! However, there may be a long wait before the console is actually released to the public. Watch this space...


  1. I,m really lookinf forward to hogwarts coming to the ds! Should be great!

  2. Yes, Lego Harry Potter is definatly a game worth waiting for. Thank you for your comment.