Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Lego Jurassic World Review [PS Vita and 3DS]

The creative geniuses at TT games have produced yet another game under their tried and tested LEGO format.  Universal's dinosaur extravaganza Jurassic World is the latest blockbuster movie to undergo a LEGO metamorphosis, and we have to say that the results are looking good!

The game encompasses storylines from all four films in the Jurassic Park series, from the park's humble beginnings under its original creator, John Hammond, to the bone-chomping action of the ferocious Indominus Rex, which actually means 'Untamable King' in Latin.

As well as the usual LEGO gameplay, including solving various puzzles and collecting several coloured studs etc, players can create their own custom dinosaurs from various body parts collected throughout the game's twenty levels, each divided over four story chapters.

 More than twenty species of standard dinosaur breeds and over one hundred human characters can also be unlocked during the course of the game.One quirky unlockable character is Mr. DNA (the chatty, animated DNA strand who we see guiding tourists in the first and fourth films) he can be used to provide in-game hints and tips once unlocked.

The main human characters also have their own special abilities, which can help at various points during the game. For example, Nick Van Owen, the wildlife photographer from Jurassic Park: Lost World (played by Vince Vaughn,) can now use the flash on his camera to temporarily daze and confuse the attacking dinosaurs!

As well as the Story Mode levels, the game also has two open world settings, Isla Nublar and Isla Sorna.  One of the most exciting features of the open-world gameplay is the ability to play as a rampaging dinosaur in certain areas. Furthermore, the game does feature a two-person Co-Op Mode, which means that your friends can also join in the fun.

LEGO Jurassic World also brings some interesting features such as a brand new Weather mechanic and a whole day and night cycle, which helps to vary the gameplay a little. Nevertheless, this game follows the tried and tested LEGO format that we are all familiar with pretty closely, and the new mechanics do not vastly add anything to the playable portions of the game.

Another aspect of the game is the various 'Chase' sequences, which involve rapidly pressing buttons in order to avoid being eaten by some large carnivorous dinosaur. Although these chases look visually impressive, the actual gameplay mechanics can make them seem a bit boring after a while.

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In conclusion, this is a very good, funny, visually-beautiful addition to the LEGO games franchise. If you are already a fan of the LEGO games, then this title will fit very nicely into your collection and the gameplay will be very familiar to you.

If you are an adult gamer who has yet to experience a LEGO video game, you may find that LEGO Jurassic World is not the best title to start with as the chase sequences and fairly simple puzzles may become repetitive after a while.

Nevertheless, LEGO Jurassic World's simple mechanics help to make it an excellent game for children or adult casual gamers who are looking for something entertaining but uncomplicated to play. LEGO Jurassic World is a quirky game, packed with humour that should appeal to the whole family. Overall Mini Gamers rating: 7/10

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