Monday, 13 April 2015

Resident Evil Revelations 2 Gets PS Vita Release But No Plans For 3DS!

With Capcom already releasing the popular Resident Evil Revelations 2 on the major gaming platforms including: PC, Xbox One, PS3 and PS4, handheld gamers have been left wondering whether they too would be treated to some more Zombie-shooting action. Well, today the wait is finally over.

Capcom has indeed confirmed that Frima Studio will be responsible for porting Resident Evil Revelations 2 onto the PS Vita some time in Summer 2015, although no actual release date has yet been announced.

The game will feature all four episodes of Resident Evil and all DLC items released so far. Sony has also promised some interesting touchscreen and gyroscopic control features, which will play an important part within the game.

Nevertheless, the PS Vita release has sparked annoyance from some sections of the 3DS community who are wondering why Resident Evil Revelations 2 has not been adapted for use with the Nintendo handheld too, when the game was originally exclusively available in this format. Capcom has cited "Technical problems" as the main reason for why the game will not be returning to the Nintendo 3DS any time soon. A spokesperson from Capcom has said:

"It's partly a technical reason. We have our own custom engine called the MT Framework, and as the mobile and home console versions are quite different technically, given that we were taking the home console versions as a starting point, it just led somewhat naturally." [Sourced from:]

The news has come as a big disappointment to fans of the original Resident Evil Revelations 3DS game, but for the time being at least, the idea of a Resident Evil Revelations 2 port for the New Nintendo 3DS console seems like little more than a pipe-dream.

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