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Unusual and Rare Novelty Christmas Gifts for Gamers 2013...

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With only a small number of shopping days left until Christmas, it can sometimes be difficult to decide what that perfect present should be, especially when it comes to pleasing the gamer in your life.
If you have exhausted the usual ideas of  gift tokens and game bundles, and want to get your videogame fanatical loved-ones something a little bit special this year, then look no further. Mini Gamers has found a collection of unusual gaming paraphernalia that is sure to delight even the fussiest of gamers. 

PlayStation Cufflinks


There are actually a surprising number of PlayStation cufflink designs available, but we thought that these Harvey Makin silver gamepad cufflinks sold from Amazon.co.uk looked particularly nice. 
Costing from as little as £8.50, and shaped like the standard PlayStation controllers, these would make a delightful gift for many male gamers. Hurry though, gifts like these are unlikely to stay in stock for long at this time of year.

Gaming T-shirts

Gaming T-shirts or Hoodies like the one pictured above are another great gift idea. They typically tend to cost between £11.99-£19.99 online, and look very stylish. There are various T-shirt slogans and designs available this year for both men and women. A few of our personal favourites are:

'First Class Gamer' Gaming Mugs

These 'First Class Gamer' mugs made us smile when we saw them. Featuring a standard 1st class stamp design, and with a price tag of around £9.99, these mugs are both a simple and practical little gift which will brighten up the home of any avid gamer. Better still, the mugs come in a blue design for male gamers, or pink for female gamers.
If you like the idea of a gaming mug but find that the 'First Class Gamer' design doesn't really appeal, then you might want to check out this small collection of alternative gaming mugs instead. Prices vary, but all of the featured mugs range somewhere between £5.95-£13.50 to buy, depending on the size and design of the mug:

Car Air-Fresheners

 Okay, so a car air freshener is hardly the most exciting gift that you could hope to give to someone this Christmas, but it is fair to say that this exclusive range of novelty gaming-themed car air-fresheners by AAF-Geek, do put a new spin on the traditional car accessory, and at around only £3.99 each, they will make unusual stocking-fillers.
Again, there are many designs to choose from (like the one shown above,) but there were a few designs that we here at Mini Gamers HQ thought were particularly good:

   Teen and Child Gaming Gifts

Whilst on the hunt for some of the rarer and more unique gamer-related Christmas gift ideas, we did stumble across a few items which seemed tailored to the teenage and child end of the gaming market. 
It was difficult to separate these items into their own separate categories, but we did think that they were worth a mention, so here are is a shortlist of items that we think will suit teenagers and children:
  • Gaming Cushions:
These amazing cushions come in two separate designs: ARMY GAMERS WARFARE 3 18"  and ARMY GAMERS WARFARE DESIGN 4 18". They have been specially created by L & S Prints and will most likely suit teenage fans of games like Killzone, Call of Duty, Battlefront etc. Each cushion is machine washable and costs around £16.99.
  • Gaming Chairs and Beanbags:
Gaming can sometimes be an uncomfortable pastime. Sore thumbs, stiff necks and bad backs are some of the more common complaints suffered by many hardcore gamers, but comfortable and practical seating can solve a lot of the aches and pains when one is gaming for an extended length of time.
  • The i-eX® Rookie Gaming Chair (pictured above) is a faux leather beanbag style chair aimed specifically at child and young teenage gamers. It is lightweight and easily movable and apparently gives great back and neck support. Nevertheless, like most gaming chairs on the market today, this chair comes with a rather hefty price tag of £44.50.
  •  Faux Leather Metallic Gold Gaming Seat Chair This traditional golden beanbag chair is both hard-wearing and stylish. Whilst it cannot claim to offer the full-body support of an actual gaming chair, it will provide a comfortable and relaxing seat for child and teen gamers. Retailing at only £13.05 it is a real bargain and a good alternative for those of you whose budgets can not stretch to that of a 'high-end' gaming chair.
  • Gaming 'Keep Out' Door Signs
 With most teenagers (and even some pre-teens) needing that little bit of extra privacy, these varied but apt gaming-themed door signs ought to make a great stocking-filler for any avid gamer.
With a price range of between £2.99-£7.99, the signs are easily within most household budgets and there is a range of colours and slogans to appeal to many different types of gamer. Here is a shortlist of our personal favourite door signs:
That completes our Mini Gamers list of novelty Christmas gifts for this year. We really feel that there is something for everyone in this year's selection and we hope that this post has given you some fresh ideas for gifts and stocking fillers.
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