Sunday, 1 December 2013

Free Youtube App Comes to the 3DS

YouTube has finally reached the 3DS. Now users can enjoy browsing the latest game trailers and video walkthrough directly on their 3DS console.

Mini Gamers checked out the nifty little application, and found that the videos were surprisingly clear to view. The application can be downloaded from the Nintendo eShop for FREE, and has easy to navigate menus and buttons, which made the overall browsing experience quite pleasant.

However, those of you who were expecting to watch and download the latest batch of 3D videos on offer, are sure to be disappointed. The 3DS version of YouTube has no 3D support whatsoever, and any attempt to watch a 3D video resulted in some unsightly double-vision, as the 3D images are merely displayed as two identical screens (designed to be viewed with 3D glasses) rather than as a whole 3D image.

For those of you who just wish to browse videos as you would normally do on the PC or home consoles etc., this is a very handy application. However, the lack of 3D support on a console which so heavily on 3D as its unique selling-point seems like a gross oversight, and it also fails to make the 3DS version of YouTube any more interesting than the thousands of YouTube applications that can be found on various smartphones across the country, which is just such a shame.

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