Thursday, 31 October 2013

Halloween Fun With The Folks Of Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Halloween is upon us once again, and for those of you who enjoy playing the 3DS title Animal Crossing: New Leaf, this can mean only one thing: the Halloween festival is about to begin!
As the game is played in real-time, players will have to wait until 6pm tonight (British time) in order for the Halloween festivities to commence, but here at Mini Gamers HQ, we thought that a little sneak-peak might be just the thing to put Animal Crossing fans in the Halloween mood...
If you have been playing the game regularly since the beginning of October, then you will have already met up with a mysterious character named Jack who has asked your Animal Crossing character to collect some spooky masks (from the accessories section of the Able Sisters shop) and some Candy (from Nook's store).
Halloween in Animal Crossing: New Leaf is not all that different from Halloween in real-life, except it's a lot more fun. From 6pm tonight, fans can expect to see the residents of their town walking around in strange, colourful pumpkin-head costumes, similar to the one which the aforementioned 'Jack' wears.
 If your character stops and talks with any of these residents, they will be asked whether they want to give a treat (in the form of the collected candy) or risk a trick instead. If your player is brave enough to refuse to hand over their collected candy, then they will be challenged to a mini-game such as Rock, Paper, Scissors or Charades, etc.
If your character wins the game, the defeated resident will give you some of their candy, but if your character loses, the resident will 'trick' your character in various ways, including causing weird 'horned' hairstyles or ridiculous outfit changes, or some of the items in their pockets being transformed into jack 'o' lanterns, etc.
Not all residents will be roaming around collecting candy either. Some residents will choose to stay in their homes. This is where the spooky masks you have been collecting will come in rather handy. Each of these residents is scared of one particular mask. If you go to their house wearing the mask that scares them the most, you will be rewarded with some special lollipops.
If you get the choice of mask wrong, you will again be challenged to a mini-game. Win this, and you will be given some of the sweet-like candy. Lose the game however, and you will get tricked again.
Willingly giving your candy away to other residents who are trick-or-treating around the town will also reward you with potential information about which masks will scare each of the home-based residents, which can be extremely useful.
The infamous 'Jack' will also be making regular appearances around your town tonight. He will ask your character for some candy. The normal sweet-like candy that your character has purchased from Nook's store will give the option of one of two rewards: either some items of spooky furniture  or some spooky masks so that your character can continue to scare the home-based residents into giving up those lollipops.
Every time Jack receives a lollipop (his favourite sweet) from your character, he will reward you with some extra-special items from the Creepy Series instead.
The format of Halloween celebrations in Animal Crossing hasn't changed that much over the years, but it is still very entertaining, especially when viewed in 3D. If you aren't busy trick-or-treating tonight, then it might be worth taking a look at Animal Crossing: New Leaf. We are sure that you won't be disappointed. Happy Halloween to all those who celebrate it!

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