Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Affordable "TuneIn" App Brings Radio To The PS Vita and PS3

The PS Vita can often be considered as more of a media centre rather than just a handheld games console, and a new affordable application called 'TuneIn' is now set to extend the media offerings of the PS Vita to the medium of radio.

TuneIn allows users to stream over 70,000 AM, FM, and Internet radio stations, podcasts and shows from all over the world instantly. The application (which can be downloaded from the games section of the PS Store) also allows users to search for specific radio stations or genres of music, and even allows users to search for radio interviews and song selections from their favourite artists, although Mini Gamers did find this portion of the application a bit limited.

The TuneIn application is set to be released for PS3 this week and for the PS Vita early next week. Moreover, it is expected to be FREE to download for PlayStation Plus customers.

Nevertheless, even users who haven't signed up to PlayStation Plus yet will be pleasantly surprised at the applications price tag as the PS Vita version is expected to cost as little as £0.79 to download!

3G Vita users will gain maximum benefit from the TuneIn radio application, as they will be able to turn their PS Vita into a handy portable radio device everywhere they go. Not bad for such a reasonable price tag.

If you enjoy listening to the radio, then this is definitely the application for you. Overall rating: 10/10.

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